Today we providing housekeeping services in multinational companies. Our housekeeping agency offering all types of persons suitable for corporate offices, industry & many more as per client's requirement.
We select physically & mentally sound person for this work so that they can perform best at client's particular places, including different age, male/female. All these housekeepers are above 18 years because we are against child labor.
We are providing our workers in a no. of industries also for different purpose like office cleaning, machine cleaning, and plant clean and related work. All these workers are specially trained and able to work in different environment challenges. 

 Management of individual employee data
Complete data base is maintained for individual with following :
1) Job application
2) Appointment letter
3) Bio-data
4) Employee ID /Adhaar/UAN/PAN/Bank Account
5) ESIC/PF Declaration 

1) Our rates are basis minimum wages applicable within state. In case of any revision in the minimum wages by the Government, the same will be revised from time to time during the currency of the contract with retrospective effect.
2) All rules and regulations to payment of minimum wages , ESIC and PF will be fully complied with by us.
3) All our employees deployed at your campus/offices are eligible for all leave benefits as per rule of your Office or state Govt.
4) Others benefits and incentives to the workers will be as per your guideline’s & rules.
5) Contract period should be for a minimum period of one year. Contract is renewable to our mutual agreement at the end of one year period.
6) Complete details of all deployed employees will be maintained by us.
7) All workers deployed at your site will be subject to mandatory security checks by your security staff both at the time of entry into your premises as well as at the time of exit from your premises. Therefore, we will not be liable for any theft or misplacement of any items or articles from or within your premises or work site.
8) If required, contract will be registered with concerned labour department under contract Labour Act in coordination with you and with necessary assistance /guidance from you.
9) Disbursement of earned wages by workers will be on due dates as prescribed in relevant rules.
10) ESIC & PF Contribution of the deployed workers will be deposited under our own codes.
11) Payment Terms : Our bills will be submitted to you by last working day of every month. 100% payment is to be released by 5th of the following month. 

 Our charges per month – for Manpower Per person / month:
1) All rules and regulations to payment of Minimum Wages Act.
2) Transport to be provided as per your arrangement as per the shifts.
3) All weekly off /holidays/EL/CL/SL as per the rule.
4) Bonus charges as per the mandatory will applicable.
5) Uniform as per the requirement.
6) Above charges as per minimum wages an applicable within State.
7) Services charges 10% of total wages bills.
8) Services charges 10% of total OT(if applicable) amount bills.
9) Rates are negotiable, as per mutual discussion.